Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What they hell are we? What the fuck is a gecko? What is the world through his slits for pupils, projecting the foreign scale of a world we step on without thought. I, for one, think it’s amazing. One of my few prejudices is that I think anyone who looks at the vastness of the universe, let alone the little multiverse that is the Earth, and says anything along the lines of: “Big deal”, is either a gigantic fool, emotionally scarred (and hasn’t dealt with it), unforgivably pretentious, or is just a plain asshole, or all of the above. What a waste such a life is. We are amazing. This reality we have the honor of experiencing is incomprehensible. It is so ugly, so gorgeous, so confusing, painful, full of pleasure that can trap you or sustain you, kill you or others, questions that can entertain us of frustrate us, but nevertheless….. it’s ours to share. We can do whatever we want with it. It will always hurt, but we can make it a little more ugly, or we can add a little more beauty.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Weak Force #3 Preview

Tune in next time when a pilot turns into a poet, declares his hatred for gravity, begs for a review, then finally gets one- 23 years later.

Then.....a soldier returns from World War 2 only to receive the worst publishing idea of all time. And now I have it, for all to see.

The Weak Force Entry #2

The 2nd Entry in The Weak Force segment is a pirated publication. It is a collection of poems from Ernest Hemingway. While he is one of the finest novelists of the 20th century, he apparently did not possess the same skill when it came to poetry. That is not to say that every selection is this book is awful, but none of them are great, and most of them made me wonder if someone thought he would sell more copies of his own shitty writing if he slapped Hemingway's name on the book. Sadly, after a bit of research, I found that these were in fact written by the man himself.

Sorry Papa. These poems suck. But I will never forget the time when you LISTED such words and names as: democracy, relativity, dictators, Mencken, Waldon Frank, broom, Dempsey, and Ezra, and declared that they were all "the shit". That really made me laugh, and did a great job of filling the page. And sir, you are right. Home is not only "where the heart is", it is also "where the fart is". Unfortunately, now I actually have an idea of what Hemingway's farts smelled like. So epic were his farts, that they stuck onto pages and became this book. Hey, my farts can't do that. Way to go Papa. *****

The Weak Force Entry #1

The first entry in my segment: The Weak Force, is a self-published work called
"IRON MEANING" authored by Jesse Savage. The book is hard to classify. When I first skimmed through it I thought it was a poetry book with some pictures for visual aide. But
then I read the foreword by the author and found that "this is not a book of poetry" because
it "is not about flowers and snowflakes". Rather this book is about "anger, frustration" and
"rejection...that makes you"(and apparently the writer)"want to destroy everything you
get your hands on." Being that Mr. Savage is, as he puts it "no writer", he says "I just try
and write what I'm feeling out as best I can. This is just my trip, and that's it..."

"IRON MEANING" is a book of Savage Trip (the first of it's genre). Reading it's
writing content, I learned quite a bit of personal information about it's author. He lies to
himself and to other people to "hide himself from himself". He began lifting "iron" to avenge the
loss of a girlfriend. There is nothing in the book to lead me to believe he every beat up the "other guy"(it would have made a good climax) but he certainly imagines the "other guy" and his former girlfriend having sex on a daily, if not hourly, basis. He is "so fucking sick of all of it" and "the bullshit". He drinks a lot but this is hard for him because, as he puts it: "I hate alcohol. I despise it. It make me want to destroy..." (not my spelling mistake)

From the pictures, I learned that in addition to lifting his "iron", he likes taking pictures of it as well. He likes coffee, his own neck, staring at cameras and "DONT WALK" street signs.

" I want to cover my body with tattoos to scar and humiliate it..." If that's the case, here are a
few designs to take to the parlor.....